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Elena at New York fivestar
Me and husband we decided to organize a wedding and after a little research on the internet we came across Bella's Flower Shop. We met with Lea and she gave us a lot of fantastic ideas from the beginning. She's a very talented lady who pays attention every detail. Lea kept in touch with us everyday as she found new suggestions. In such a short time she was able to put an amazing wedding together. Everyone loved the decorations and flowers. She really delivded more than was expected in our eyes. Thank you for an amzing experience and we highly recommend her!
Danielle at ny fivestar
I can't give a higher recommendation to Bella's Flower Shop!! We just had our wedding this past week in NYC and had all of our centerpieces and bouquets done here. They were above and beyond our expectations- truly gorgeous mixes of roses, dahlias, and other beautiful flowers. Bella's flowers also did our chuppah and flower decor on it. Lea took my vision and brought it to life. She even put together a sample tall centerpiece for us a few weeks before the wedding to ensure it was exactly what we wanted. We also incorporated pomegranates and candles throughout the tables and Lea and her team did an amazing job of laying them out beautifully. I can't tell you all how happy I was and still am. Lea was so great to work with, truly professional, open to suggestions, and always looking to make us happy. Not to mention the fact that it was an amazing value-- by far the best quote in the NYC area from any place we checked in with. Trust your wedding florals to Bella's- they will go above and beyond.
curtis at GA fivestar
Quick fast great service!!!!!!!!!
Jamie at Bronx fivestar
My wedding was 7/20/2014, words cannot explain the satisfaction and love I felt for Ruth ( my florist ) at Bellas flower shop on my wedding day!! I am not a easy person to please and let me tell you I recommend this shop for weddings, I had my wedding at Perona farms in andover, Nj. The center pieces were above and beyond my expectations, my wedding bouquet was perfect with bling and pearls just how I pictured it, brides bouquet perfect, everything was amazingly beautiful! I shopped around at first checking with other florist and they wanted to charge me an arm and a leg for fake flowers and decorations !!!! And when I would explain I wanted tall centerpieces with real flowers instead of it just being an arm and a leg they wanted to charge me my whole body!!! I was depressed due to my budget and the ridiculous amounts vendors charge once you mention "wedding". Thanks to Ruth my dream wedding was a success and is still have guests asking me "who made my centerpieces"? Thank you Ruth and Bellas flower shop ... I am forever greatful !!!!
John Tribett at New Jersey fivestar
I had Bella's deliver a dozen roses to Yankee Stadium in the Bonx, NY to my girlfriend. The timing was perfet and the flowers were beautiful. Exceptional service, Bella's has just gained a loyal customer. Thank You Bella!
Stephanie at NY fivestar
Nicole was awesome. She was very pleasant and polite. She not only made me feel at ease by answering my question but she ensured that my last minute order would make it to the location in time. She even called back to say it was delivered. Her customer service skills was phenomenal! Thank you Nicole for putting my heart at ease during this trying time. The flowers were beautiful and at an affordable price!
Carisa at NY fivestar
I dealt with a young lady named Nicole. She was very attentive to my needs. She took my special requests in consideration, and the funeral arrangement I ordered came out beautifully, and she delivered exactly what I asked for! I placed my order online, and Nicole received it in moments and began working on it. She was even kind enough to text me a picture of the bouquet so I could see the finished product. I would highly recommend using Bella's Flower Shop for my future needs. I also found that in comparison with other florist I searched, that Bella's Flower Shop had the best prices, and my floral arrangement was on it's way within an hour of placing my order! Thanks Nicole for providing such excellent service!
Glenny at NY fivestar
I am so happy that Bella's Flowers did my wedding Flowers. I have to say that their prices are reasonable and if hour budget is tight they work with what you are willing to Pay. Excelente Servicio!
Juan at Florida fivestar
These people are always on time and have a great service. I would recommend it to anyone. And they speak Spanish which is. Plus.
Chrissy at NY fivestar
What a beautiful flower arrangement I received. Will recommend to all my family and friends. Thank you for putting a smile on my face. :-)
Judy at New Jersey fivestar
Went to Bella's website to order flowers for a wake. When I called, the person who took my order (Nicole) was gracious, helpful and reassuring. I was afraid the flowers would not be as depicted on the website (have read many horror stories re: flowers ordered over phone and on line) but when we arrived at the wake I must say the arrangement was large, beautiful and more than expected. Great value for the money and Bella's made sure to call when they were delivered. Thank you Bella's you are great!
Rita at NY fivestar
Clerk was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Daughter loved the exotic design of the orchids and lillies. Thank you so much. 5 star!!!
Jo Ann at NY fivestar
I was unable to attend a funeral in the Bronx but wanted to send flowers. I chose Bellas and kept my fingers crossed. I was emailed by them an order confirmation and then an email came when the delivery happened. That was very impressive! I was told by the family that the flowers were beautiful! And they sent me a picture of them as well, so I did see for myself. Would certainly suggest anyone in the area use Bella. Great experience!
GQ at NY fivestar
Suzanne at VA fivestar
After searching the web for the "perfect" flower shop,and I found it with Bella's! My friend said the arrangement was absolutely stunning. Thank you for making her day and mine. Suzanne M. Richmond VA
Margaret at NY fivestar
Extremely helpful and courteous in helping choose an arrangement, prompt on time delivery and absolutely beautiful flowers. Can't thank you enough.
JefferyLok at New Zealand fivestar
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Rose at NY fivestar
THE BESTTTTTTT flowers!!. my sister in law loved them!!! it is worth every penny!!!! When i saw the picture i couldnt stop looking at it! the roses were alll beautiful and unique. Seriously i cant thank Jessica And Nicole enough! they were amazing! they even called me and let me know that the flowers were delivered. I will be ordering from them very soon again!!! once again thank you ladies!!
Danavan at OH fivestar
The flowers were beautiful and my girlfriend loved them. But i order at 8am and paid extra for before 1pm delivery. I called the company to ask if delivery was made at 1:30pm and was informed it was already delivered. So i called my girlfriend and asked did she like them. But she was clueless, flowers came at 2:00 but i already ruined the surprise. Thats why they get 2 stars
Paul at New York fivestar
I had a very good experience at Bellas flower shop. I met a beautiful employee who helped me accomplish my wish which was to send different sets of flowers to (2) two different women that worked in the same place. I was given time to make my decision as well as shown different arrangements that could be made for me at my request. She even worked with me on the pricing of the flowers. I really enjoyed the services and advice that was given because of the years of experience this young lady had. If I ever needed to give flowers for any occasion I would not hesitate to call Bellas first and without any reservation I would refer all my friends to go there. Thanks again!!!! :)
Jamesbed at Belarus fivestar
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Vianette Vinicio at NJ fivestar
Very Beautiful Heart arrangement for my grandmothers funeral. Breath taking and just gorgeous. My grandmother loves flowers she would have loved these. Thank you for such a memorable arrangement. 5 Stars
Gabby at TX fivestar
Thank you Bellas Flowershop for making the most beautiful flower arrangement for my friends birthday, Her words " I am in awe, love them". God bless you!
Thomas at NY fivestar
I placed an order online late saturday night for flowers to be delivered sunday sept 4, 2016. I received an email when i woke up notifying me that the shop was closed until tuesday and my flowers would be delivered then. I immediately placed a call and a very helpful young woman assured me she would speak to her manager about it and call me back in a half hour. Within ten minutes i had received a voicemail that my flowers would in fact be delivered today. Outstanding customer service, they arrived and the recipients loved the arrangements, I am very satisfied with our transaction. Bellas has gained a loyal customer for life! Thank you so much!
Yesenia at Las Vegas fivestar
Yo vivo en las Vegas y mi familia vive en New York,encargue un arreglo con Bellas Flower para el compleaños de mi tia, ella quedo emocionada y sorprendida con el arreglo ,dijo que nunca habia recibido algo tan elegante y hermoso ,todo se entrego tal y como lo pedi ,me enviaron una foto del arreglo y en verdad esta bellisimo, gracias Lea por su excelente servicio,definitivamente lo mejor ,mil gracias
Jerez at New York fivestar
I had a great experience with Bella's! I was ordering an arrangement for my girlfriend and her bday. Nicole was extremely helpful and patient with me. It was my first time ordering from you guys and she walked me thru the whole arrangment picking process. She led the way and helped me choose a "chic", "modern" and "youthful" arrangement as she described it. I told her she is a great saleswoman and that she is on her way to the top!! Thank you again Nicole! Jerez
Yolanda at new york fivestar
Gracias a la Floristeria Bella´s, por su gran servicio en el envió de las flores de mi esposo en la ciudad de NY, .. gracia a Leah, por dar la milla extra en la localización de un buen vino para complementar el detalle. muy agradecida.. y te recomiendo 100%
Mirna at New York fivestar
Friendly Staff . Beautiful Flowers! Great prices! Great service!
jennifer at ny fivestar
I would like to thank Bellas flower shop for they're wonderful centerpieces and flower bouquets they were beautiful everything was perfect.... The Medina and Robles family thank you so much
Rebekah at CA fivestar
Ordered from CA and everything went perfectly.
Jane at MD fivestar
This review was long overdue. Well what can I say about this flower shop? At first the impression I had with this shop was "ehh, price is low so we'll see". The shop was located in the Bronx accross BBQ, small, no place to really sit, flowers were all over the place. To be honest I was worried. But still on my mind they're price is good and the lady Lea was such a nice lady. Didn't have enough time since I only have one week for the arrangements to get ordered before my wedding. Yup, it was for my small intimate 40 people wedding that was being done at a restaurant Harvest on Hudson, Scarsdale, NY. This lady Lea was very patient with me and my fiance at the time. She was there with me all the way, I did not have any prior experience with flower arrangements orderring so she walked me through it sincerely. She was after our satisfaction not our money. When the day of the wedding came. I was in tears with the beautiful set up she had done with her crew. The Arch and reception setup were beautiful. The bouquets were also beautiful. It was like a dream wedding. So many pictures were taken and I had no regret on getting beautiful flower setups. Memories were captured beautifully. Everyone loved the flowers. I wish I can post pictures here for everyone to see. I would definitely go back to her again for any other events. I highly recommend them. Lea if you are reading this I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you did in such short period of time for our special day. You have exceeded our expectations. Thank you - Jane S.
rose at ny fivestar
I was wanted to send a thank you note for a wonderful, thoughtful arrangement you presented on my behalf. A very dear friend passed away and I found your website on line. I attended the wake last night and I have to tell you that my heart is full of gratitude for the lovely arrangement you made on behalf of myself and kids. I so appreciate the workmanship and care you put into your product. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! I would recommend your service a thousand times over. Sincerely, Rose Hernandez
Thomas at NY fivestar
I placed an order online late saturday night for flowers to be delivered sunday sept 4, 2016. I received an email when i woke up notifying me that the shop was closed until tuesday and my flowers would be delivered then. I immediately placed a call and a very helpful young woman assured me she would speak to her manager about it and call me back in a half hour. Within ten minutes i had received a voicemail that my flowers would in fact be delivered today. Outstanding customer service, they arrived and the recipients loved the arrangements, I am very satisfied with our transaction. Bellas has gained a loyal customer for life! Thank you so much!
5star at Maria fivestar
A at CT fivestar
Bella's Flower Shop provides great customer service. They went above and beyond to meet our needs, which included a hard-to-meet deadline (which they easily met without hesitation). They answered all our questions and made the process fast and easy. I worked with Lea, and she is very knowledgeable and thorough. Really exceptional service; would highly recommend.
Fabricio at New Jersey fivestar
Great service, ordered at 2PM and flowers delivered by 4:PM. Beautiful flowers!
Fabricio at New Jersey fivestar
Great service, ordered at 2PM and flowers delivered by 4:PM. Beautiful flowers!
Jen at NY fivestar
Thank you for your help during a sad time!! The flowers for my Uncle were beautiful. Ordering was easy and I was in contact with a live person, even at night, throughout it all! Again, thank you!
Elizabeth at NY fivestar
Great service and fast delivery. Unique products that look like I spend a lot of money. I loved it and my mother too. I will recommend Bella's flower shop to my friends. Thanks !
S at NY fivestar
Bellas was prompt and the flowers were amazing!!! i left creativity in their hands and was blown away. Everyone loved my flowers and they worked well within my budget.


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